Deploy Free Capacity at Variable Cost

Provide Dakshas
  • Your free time or excess capacity
  • Protect Patient Interests
Dakshas Provides
  • Coordinated Referrals
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Automated Patient Follow-up
  • Practice Dashboard
  • Increased Capacity Utilization
  • Optimal use of your time
  • Universal healthcare

Partner with Dakshas

Existing Healthcare Partners

Green Leaf Hospital

Green Leaf Hospital

Hand, Joint Replacement & Trauma Center

Provides extensive support to Dakshas' patients when they require complicated trauma surgery, joint replacement or hand surgery expertise. The center also supports old age homes in the Kukatpally-Miyapur area and provides advanced training to Dakshas General Duty Assistants.

MEDS Hospital

Medical, Trauma, General Surgery, Cataract Surgery & Palliative Care

Provides services ranging from surgical consumables at cost, infrastructure to maintain Dakshas' theatre and diagnostic equipment. Dakshas runs a Pain Clinic and provides basic trauma surgery at this center. The Hospital also provides low cost physician, general surgery and cataract surgery to Dakshas' patients with co-morbid conditions.

MEDS Hospital
Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital

Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital

Trauma, Arogyasri, Arthroscopy Surgery, Advanced Physiotherapy

The orthopedic team provides everyday support to trauma patients, from first-aid to trauma and arthroscopy surgery under the Arogyasri Scheme. The center's excellent physiotherapy services supports patients who need the next level of care.

Vasavi Hospital

Trauma, Arthroscopy, Deformity Correction

This hospital is an exception healthcare partner that helps deliver cost-effective surgical services for trauma, arthroscopy and deformity correction, with an effective service design.

Vasavi Hospital
Ramdeo Hospital

Ramdeo Hospital

Trauma Surgery

The hospital supports us in our endeavour to provide advanced orthopedic and trauma surgery under the Arogyasri Scheme in the Kukatpally-Miyapur cluster.

Dakshas Service Partners

  • Elder Spring

    Dakshas is a healthcare delivery partner for Elder Spring, providing hospitalization for surgery and medical treatment; physicians, physiotherapists, nurse assistants, medical camps and fall-prevention programmes across old age homes in Hyderabad for destitute and abandoned seniors.

    Elder Spring
  • NIN

    Dakshas developed a unique CSR model in collaboration with the Communications Division at NIN, where a lifestyle shift at the workplace generated CSR funds to support treatment of marginalized patients. Program ensures health flows both ways, while resources flow one way.

  • Urban Community Health Centers

    Dakshas is grateful for the guidance and support to run free pain clinics in Urban Community Health Centers at Panipura and Lalapet. Patients are provided free screening, physiotherapy and remote/onsite orthopedic consultation. Further investigations and interventions are delivered through the government healthcare system.

    Urban Community Health Centers
  • Ramakrishan Mission, Hyderabad

    Dakshas provides bone and joint surgery service to more than hundred patients a day at the Vivekananda Health Centre, Ramakrishan Mission, Hyderabad. Patients are categorised based on the requirement, preventive or secondary care is provided within the premises, including investigations, physiotherapy and minor procedures. Surgical interventions are carried out at partner institutions near the patient's home.

    Ramakrishan Mission, Hyderabad
  • You See

    You See provides Dakshas with access to serve rural citizens at weekend camps through cloud-based electronic medical records and a portable radiograph for its community out-reach programs.

    You See
  • Pratham

    Pratham provides Dakshas with general duty assistants who take care of destitute or abandoned bedridden seniors in old age homes and hospitals. It is hoped that these nurse assistants will, in time, return to their village and serve their own communities.


Dakshas Support System

  • Philanthropic individuals and alumni networks in Hyderabad who have nutured Dakshas from its nascent stage to its current state. Individuals who are always there to shore up Dakshas with their skills, network, material and monetary contributions.

    Dakshas Support Group

  • Philanthropic Individuals from alumni networks and support systems who share Dakshas' values and always step up to plug gaps as the programme continues to grow and evolve.

    Dakshas' Volunteers

  • It is at the Vivekananda Health Centre that the Dakshas model emerged. During our formative months, we were nurtured by their firm belief in us and their patient guidance.

    Vivekananda Health Centre

  • All of Dakshas' growth is because of the immensely benevolent, patient and diligent support of TATA Trusts. Their faith in the program has reaffirmed ours in it.

    TATA Trusts

  • Virtusa's CSR helped Dakshas pivot from being a service to becoming a product, enabling healthcare providers with free capacity to channelize it in aid of marginalized patients and at a variable cost.


  • Incubation at N/Core opened Dakshas to organization development, to tackle problems at scale and pivot to a product.


  • EPAM's generous support allowed Dakshas to envision health education programmes in schools and support marginalized patients at the same time.


  • Timely support by Sonata Software equipped Dakshas with surgical instrumentation, which it continues to use for its marginalized patients.

    Sonata Software

  • SEWA supported Emergency Medical First Responder Training of Dakshas' volunteers who work with bedridden seniors in old age homes.