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Vision: To deliver more value than we consume, sustainably.

Mission: To ensure healthcare is delivered, not denied.

Dakshas Foundation helps marginalized patients get non-emergency medical treatment. It builds primary care to cater to 90+% of patients, guided by medical protocols. It taps into its network of healthcare providers for secondary and tertiary healthcare. Dakshas’ healthcare partners provide their unused capacity for these patients at variable cost. Any shortfalls are underwritten by Dakshas’ support system. It strives to ensure that no patient or healthcare provider suffers constraints or conflicts.

Dakshas has achieved tremendous impact at scale in 24 months, proving that Universal Healthcare is sustainable within existing healthcare resources. Dakshas’ hyper-efficient realignment of the existing ecosystem has been accepted by healthcare NGOs and hospitals alike. This reflects great potential to solve India’s healthcare crises, across geography and medical specialties.

Dakshas is now consolidating this unique model onto a tech-based, AI-enabled, medical protocol-driven demand-supply aggregator platform. This will benefit patients, NGOs and healthcare providers alike, heralding an era of ‘collaborative’ healthcare. We hope to ensure that ethical and affordable healthcare delivery is no longer a matter of charity.

Dakshas Support Group

Philanthropic individuals and alumni networks in Hyderabad who have nutured Dakshas from its nascent stage to its current state. Individuals who are always there to shore up Dakshas with their skills, network, material and monetary contributions.

Dakshas' Volunteers

Philanthropic Individuals from alumni networks and support systems who share Dakshas' values and always step up to plug gaps as the programme continues to grow and evolve.

Vivekananda Health Centre

It is at the Vivekananda Health Centre that the Dakshas model emerged. During our formative months, we were nurtured by their firm belief in us and their patient guidance.

TATA Trusts

All of Dakshas' growth is because of the immensely benevolent, patient and diligent support of TATA Trusts. Their faith in the program has reaffirmed ours in it.


Virtusa's CSR helped Dakshas pivot from being a service to becoming a product, enabling healthcare providers with free capacity to channelize it in aid of marginalized patients and at a variable cost.


Incubation at N/Core opened Dakshas to organization development, to tackle problems at scale and pivot to a product.


EPAM's generous support allowed Dakshas to envision health education programmes in schools and support marginalized patients at the same time.

Sonata Software

Timely support by Sonata Software equipped Dakshas with surgical instrumentation, which it continues to use for its marginalized patients.


SEWA supported Emergency Medical First Responder Training of Dakshas' volunteers who work with bedridden seniors in old age homes.

In Their Words

Prof B. Sri Padmavati

Prof B. Sri Padmavati

Professor at School of Mathematics & Statistics, UoH

I feel privileged to be associated with Dakshas and witnessing the idea that it was, gaining momentum to become a reality - due to the unflinching commitment, dedication and relentless efforts of the team, and the contribution of so many amazing people who have come forward to support it through their resources, skills and networks. Dakshas has reinforced my faith in humanity, in the milk of human kindness and in the belief that each person is capable of giving, albeit in different ways, at different times, like no one else can. Dakshas has helped me learn that we help ourselves when we help someone, and I am sure this is a powerful message which it carries that will steer it to serve the needy in the best possible way.

Dr. Murali Padmanabhan

Senior VP, Global Talent

One way of giving back to society is to offer one's expertise in service of others. Dakshas embodies this spirit and we at Virtusa are proud to partner with them. This partnership helps Virtusa to bring our experience and expertise in digital engineering services to needy

Dr. Murali Padmanabhan
Surya Prasad Koyyalamudi

Surya Prasad Koyyalamudi

Project Manager

A thousand mile march starts with a single step. Dakshas is this first step to make a positive impact in the health care domain. Wishing Dakshas all the very best and keep the good work going.

Padmini Menon

World Health Organization

We need to nurture our capacity to be compassionate. It is good for us as a species and a planet.

Dakshas' endeavour in making quality healthcare accessible to all needs to be commended. In an environment where the healthcare system does not inspire trust and is rife with commercialism, Dakshas walks the less trodden path of collaboration and inclusiveness, of making healthcare affordable.

They have an able and committed team that combines medical skills with ethics and a keen understanding of technology to deliver healthcare services.

My good wishes are with them.

Padmini Menon

Organization Mentors

B Sri Padmavathi

B Sri Padmavathi

Professor at School of Mathematics and Statistics, UoH Culture

B. Sri Padmavati received her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of Hyderabad (UoH). She worked at IIT Delhi as a Lecturer and then as an Assistant Professor during 1997-2000. After that, she joined University of Hyderabad as a Reader, and is presently working as a Professor at School of Mathematics and Statistics.

T Srinagesh

Ex-COO RGIA, GMR Operations & Strategy

Srinagesh has over 35 years of experience in financing, structuring and execution of projects in real estate, power, airports and toll roads. Srinagesh is currently working as a Principal at Global Project Finance Advisory Council, Connecticut, US and as a Guest Professor at IIT Hyderabad and as Adjunct Faculty at ISB, Hyderabad.

T Srinagesh
Surendra Kumar Jain

Surendra Kumar Jain

Ex-Managing Director Westbridge Capital Growth

Surendra Kumar Jain (SK) is a co-founder and former Managing Director for Westbridge Capital. Prior to Westbridge, SK was with Sequoia Capital. Earlier, he was co-founder and CEO of MeraNet, and worked at Intel, Motorola and Booz-Allen & Hamilton. SK is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi and the University of Minnesota.

Management Mentors

  • Surya Prasad Koyyalamudi
    Surya Prasad Koyyalamudi

    Project Manager


  • Murali Padmanabhan
    Murali Padmanabhan

    Sr. VP Global Talent


  • Balaji Srinivas
    Balaji Srinivas

    Sr Vice President


  • N Ashok Kumar
    N Ashok Kumar

    Directory of Technology

    Application Architect

  • Aniruddha S Dasu
    Aniruddha S Dasu

    HR Mentor

    Ex-Ullas Trust

  • Mr. Hasan
    Mr. Hasan


    Ex-MEdRC, Ex-ASCI

  • Mr. Charan Chintakindi
    Mr. Charan Chintakindi

    Artificial Intelligence

    Smartbot.ai, ISB Alumnus

  • Padmini Menon
    Padmini Menon

    Ex WHO-supported network


Bharat Sharma

Bharat Sharma


After trans-sectoral education in orthopedics, arthroscopy, medical research and New Venture Creation, Bharat Sharma worked for 12 years in various healthcare settings in some of the largest and most respected organizations globally. Bharat Sharma decided to start Dakshas to fulfill his dream of Universal Healthcare. He developed the model over two years as he worked with the Vivekananda Health Centre, Ramakrishan Math, Hyderabad. Bharat Sharma studied orthopedics at JIPMER and Southern Railway HQ Hospital. He was awarded a fellowship in Key Hole Joint Surgery at Singapore General Hospital, Singapore and was a knee surgery research fellow at Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna, Italy. He won the ISAKOS Young Researcher Award in 2017 for his work.