Partnerships with other NGOs

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Inequitable healthcare delivery affects approximately 55 million Indians annually. No single organisation has the wherewithal to deploy solutions effectively at that scale. Therefore, Dakshas was designed to be an open, plug and play platform. A platform where organisations could plug collaborate. This design also helps contain costs of healthcare delivery, as no wheel is reinvented. 

From offering technical support to providing health care services, Dakshas has a diverse set of collaborators and partners. In this article, we talk about the scope of collaboration with 5 non-profit organizations that Dakshas frequently collaborates with.


Dakshas has collaborated with Pratham, a non-profit organization that works in education for the underprivileged children. Pratham provides General Duty Assistant (GDA) training to village youth, as per NSDC protocols. They are then posted as Nurse assistants to care for abandoned and bedridden elderly  in OAH(Old Age Homes) associated with Dakshas. 

Pratham selects the candidates from the villages and trains them as  “General Duty Assistant (GDA)”, as per the “Health care assistant” protocol and guidelines from the NSDC(National Skill Development Corporation). Dakshas  provides further training to these trained GDAs and assigns them to the partner OAHs(Old Age Homes) as per the requirement. In addition, Dakshas is also responsible for performance evaluation of GDAs, monitoring their daily work and acts as a mediator for the caregiver’s grievances between OAH and Pratham.

Elder Spring

Elder Spring is an initiative under Vijayvahini Charitable Foundation, which works primarily in Geriatric care. Dakshas collaborates with the Elder Spring Response system; providing healthcare services pertaining to elderly care; guiding rescue of medically unstable, abandoned elderly; and supporting their hospital care. Dakshas also provides physiotherapy and medical support to the Old age homes that are affiliated with the Elder Spring. Dakshas monitors vitals of OAH seniors regularly in real time, using the specially designed dashboard software.

Dakshas also facilitates train Front-line Rescue volunteers from Elder Spring how to rescue abandoned elderly, with medical issues.

United Care Development Services (UC OR YouSee)

Dakshas also volunteers with UC, a non-profit organization which conducts frequent health visits and camps across the state. Dakshas participates in the outreach rural health camps by providing physiotherapy screening and check up on a monthly basis. During the screening process, UC also provides portable digital X-ray, enhancing diagnostic capability.

All patients of Dakshas are also given an unique patient identification number through UC’s open source software called “Health4all”, developed by the UC volunteers for electronic medical records.


Dakshas has collaborated with Virtusa to develop mobile based technology platform, to empower preventive and primary musculoskeletal care in remote areas. A screening and decision making tool will be available for general physicians, along with telemedicine-based orthopaedic specialist consultation. This will enable any primary care doctor to provide orthopaedic care, under specialist guidance. 

Aman Vedika Foundation

Dakshas collaborates with Aman Vedika foundation in their “Street Medicine ” program, where Aman Vedika’s doctor, nurse and field workers, provide basic healthcare to the abandoned or homeless people on the streets.  Further specialist consultation, laboratory tests and treatment is carried out at Dakshas’s pain clinic in the Vivekananda Health Centre, Ramakrishna Math.