External clinicians connect (Surgeon – team tie ups)

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One of the integral components of the Dakshas program is to design an intervention that is adopted by the health sector at large, especially hospitals and clinicians. Since its inception, Dakshas has 8 partner hospitals, 5 surgeon-anesthetist teams, 5 clinics and 10 Old Age Homes (OAHs) as implementation partners. Collaboration with external organizations has been a core value at Dakshas so the program can scale. Infact, Dakshas has always been designed to make healthcare delivery better for patients, doctors and hospitals. 

If we look at the impact factor here, a total of 1458 work days were saved by specialists over the last 22 months (Jan 2018-Oct 2019). Thanks to Dakshas’ robust primary care process. Patients are evaluated systematically, records organized, primary care and counseling is done. Only those patients who need specialist advice or intervention are escalated. This, in turn, saves time and effort for the surgeon, so that he can focus on complex problems, surgical interventions and increase interaction with patients who need it. All other administrative, investigative and peri-operative processes are taken care by Dakshas, so surgeons can focus on their core expertise surgery itself. 

Most of the surgeries are planned interventions. In exchange, external clinicians, working in the partner hospitals, are happy to offer their unused time and services for Dakshas’ patients at a concession. Patients are transferred back to primary care clinics once fit for discharge. Further post-operative care happens in a low cost setting, close to their home.