Dakshas’ Team Building Program

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As an organization which is relatively young and expanding, Dakshas seeks to identify young graduates with potential for career growth and have a sense of empathy for social causes. With the mission of identifying such young professionals, Dakshas conceptualized and developed the  “Dakshas Intern Mentor Program”.

 The program has two major components. In the first component, the potential candidates for the program are shortlisted and hired through a rigorous selection process. The selection process first identifies the prime skill set, work experience (preferably 1-2 years), aptitude for the social sector, the alignment of their values to that of Dakshas, and lastly, the commitment for the program.

 The second component of the program commences after the selected candidates are assigned to their post the selection process. In this component, each candidate will be an “Intern” who  will be assigned a “mentor”. Our mentors are seasoned professionals in his/her respected fields, and one who has been supporting Dakshas since the beginning. 

 The mentor will offer support and advice to the intern. Apart from refining their skills, the intern will also develop skills like leadership, teamwork, time management, knowledge, communication, delegation, etc. 

 As a growing organization, it is imperative of Dakshas to groom the future leaders, and learn from them. The learnings from the interns will eventually help the organization in its future trajectory.