Medical camp conducted in Nampally Vyayamshalla

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Dakshas team members took part in a comprehensive medical camp that was conducted in the Nampally Vyayamshalla school.

The school, which caters to a lower income group of 700 students, was sent a set of pre-screening questions prior to the medical camp. The subsequent results from the pre-screening questions revealed that 24 students had musculoskeletal problems.

 Of them, a few were found to have calcium deficiencies and birth abnormalities. 

Students’ parents, who were also present, and were counselled on how to proceed with medical care. The school and the Dakshas team have also followed up with the students to ensure that they receive the required medical care and, in certain instances, also extended financial support.

Quite a few medical conditions can be prevented, and having regular screening greatly helps in identifying issues that can be treated before they begin to affect the quality of life of the person.

The Dakshas team conducts camps in rural areas every Sunday with the coordination of United Care Development Services, a Philanthropy Exchange platform. They see around 25 patients a day. Most of the patients have problems with their back or knees, which are due to daily activities. Along with prescribing medicines, patients are taught exercises to alleviate the condition and given advice on activity modification. Those who need follow up or surgical intervention are identified and a follow-up is done by the team to ensure that they receive care.