Dakshas’ work in partner institution: NS Old Age Home

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Every month, an organisation that Dakshas works with, will be featured in the blog. As of today, Dakshas works with 8 old age homes, 6 clinics and several hospitals.

NS Old Age home in Mehdipatnam, is one of the eight old age homes that Dakshas works with. The institution takes care of 24 abandoned or below-the-poverty line, aged residents and includes four bedridden patients. The institution has a co-ordinator in-charge, a cook and two caregivers.

The caregiver, who has received Multipurpose Health Worker training under Dakshas’ Multipurpose Health Worker program attends to the regular hygiene and health needs of the four bedridden patients.

 In addition, Dakshas also sends a supervising physiotherapist to help with the tasks. 

General physiotherapy is done for those who need it. Exercises are done three times a day, each session lasting for 30 to 40 minutes. The supervising physiotherapist demonstrates the exercises, which are repeated by the residents with the help of the caregiver.

Every Saturday a doctor of a different specialization visits the old age home. As of today, visits have been made by general physicians, a psychologist, an orthopaedic and an otolaryngologist (ENT).  

Dakshas has also implemented STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries) programme, to prevent the residents from falling, in all the old age home that we are working with. Bathrooms have been equipped with proper lighting, grab bars and non-slip rubber mats. Further, all team members have been trained to follow the programme and to keep an eye out for anything that may cause an injury to the residents. 

Before Dakshas started its work with NS Old Age Home in 2019, the institution did not have any medical support and the need for a caregiver was acutely felt.

Dakshas’ services have helped the Home in improving hygiene, managing musculoskeletal issues and even psychological problems. In fact, of the two paralysed patients that have been receiving physiotherapy, one is now beginning to walk again!