Dakshas presentation at N/Core Soiree

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At the culmination of its six-month incubation at N/Core, Nudge Foundation, we had an opportunity to present Dakshas at a soiree organized at the Mumbai Cricket Club, along with 11 other incubatees. These highly charged not-for-profits had been selected from an initial pool of five hundred applications. 

The six month incubation saw us learn the importance and challenges of solving problems at scale. We learnt to grow our ideas, instead of our organizations. How capacity and ecosystems could be built to achieve these goals. An exceptional series of co-founders from successful start-ups shared their learnings. We were each connected to one mentor and a N/Core team member. The mentor set a strategic vision, while N/Core helped tactically. 

Dakshas went through a transformation through the incubation period. We not only opened up our service platform to external clinical entities, but also launched a product initiative that can scale as big as the problem we tackle. We developed a support system of our own, which morphed into an Mentor-Intern program, wherein management grads with a year or two work experience were tied to senior mentors in their respective fields. An internal leadership development program and building  of the core team stabilized the program at scale. Impact analysis was formalized, refining our future trajectory. N/Core is an excellent incubator that effectively communicates its idea of scaling start-ups in a manner that cannot be ignored. 

All this culminated in the presentation on the 28th of Nov 2019, when we presented the ‘new’ Dakshas. It came as a pleasant surprise when the program was selected as the best of the lot by mentor vote, while another impressive venture, Mitti Cafe, was judged the best by audience poll. We now have a goal to link every single poor patient to each unused resource in the health sector. We invite you to partner with us on this journey.