Dakshas’ journal club launched

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Dakshas’ constant endeavour has been to nurture its team. The nurturing happens in terms of growth of knowledge, skills and the individual. One of its initiatives has been the  journal club. The journal club provides a space where its medical professionals meet and discuss the latest trends in their respective fields.

The club consists of six physiotherapists and one orthopaedic surgeon who meet once a week to present and discuss a topic at each meeting. The topics that are  discussed revolve around musculoskeletal problems, new programs, exercises and ways to improve protocol. The club helps the team learn and implement new ideas and changes in the protocol.

Journal clubs came into existence in the 1800s and have widely promoted knowledge sharing. A summary of a paper would be presented by one or two members to the group who has read the paper. Following the presentation, the floor is open to discussion and questions by the attendees who may ask different aspects of the experimental design and critique the methods. Having a journal club at Dakshas  helps our expanding team stay abreast of the latest medical knowledge and protocols.