My leg feeds me, please save my leg

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Most of us are content with our regular 9 to 5 jobs, which provide relatively stable benefits and some form of financial security. These jobs also provide security in case of any unforeseen medical conditions or even injuries; and most of us are entitled to sick leave with full salary credited into our accounts. 

Now, imagine a scenario where your hands are either permanently fractured or disabled and ask yourself this question: “How am I able to earn money and contribute to the society?” These were the words of Mr. Venkat *, a 26-year-old youth, a driver by profession, who was suffering from a severe bone infection called Osteomyelitis in his right leg. The disease had hampered his daily life  as he could not drive and eventually took a toll on his livelihood.

To add to his problems, Venkat realized that the government health insurance scheme that he is entitled to did not cover his particular medical condition. He was devastated and was contemplating suicide, when providence brought him to Dakshas. Following our protocol, an initial preliminary screening was conducted, and an appointment for surgical intervention was fixed at no cost. 

 Venkat is currently recuperating from the successful surgery and is hoping to get back to his professional life. His traumatic journey offers a glimpse into the plight of  the underprivileged societies of India and their apparent disenfranchisement. It also reveals how innovative healthcare delivery models like Dakshas’ can save the lives of the poor and create hope for a better future.

* Name of the person changed to keep his identity confidential